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TCM Black Coffee

Its more than a perfect cup of coffee, its brewed with love & soul.

TCM White Coffee

Our recipe provides yet the most lavish coffee sipping experience.

What make us Unique?

At Essendrinks, we’re not only concerned with creating a flavourful beverage. We really hope that each of the beverages you’ve ordered improves your health and well-being.

What if we told you, coffee could be good for you?

Our TCM Black / White Coffee is created and prepared with various health benefits in mind, such as special brewing processes to make it alkaline pH, which can help those who suffer from acid reflux.


Alkaline @pH >7.5

Naturally the coffee is an acidic drink that may cause calcium deficiency or Osteoporosis if over consumed daily. Most instant coffees sold in the market has pH value of 4.5 – 6.5.


Calcium Boosted

We add calcium caseinate into our white coffee products not only for better aroma and creamy taste but boosted with calcium ion-.


Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Formulated with TCM for its functionality so that enhancing healthiness and incorporated into your daily regimen improvement.


Vacuum Packed

Our products are vacuum packed immediately after homogenized to prevent from moisture contact and oxidation.  The original aroma, mellow and flavor could be upkept 100% unchanged for at least 5 years.

In the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) world, it is widely held that drinking less coffee is preferable, and that coffee depletes kidneys and yin energy. However, conventional wisdom suggests that this is due to climatic and constitutional factors.

Coffee is a warm, sweet, and bitter beverage. It stimulates elimination and has a stimulating, diuretic impact. At Essendrinks, TCMs are carefully selected based on the nine most common bodily diseases in humans. We do this is to ensure our coffees are not only delicious but also contains health benefits.

Why TCM Coffee taste better yet healthier?

According to the thermodynamic phase equilibrium theory, the three-phase point temperature of water is 0.0098oC and the pressure is 4.579mmHg. In the phase change process, when the pressure is lower than the three…..