TCM White Coffee

When your body is hot and wet, for example, we recommend drinking our Chrysanthemum TCM White Coffee. Plum TCM Mocha Coffee may be the finest choice to reduce weakness when the body sends a signal of cold and lack of energy. Alternatively, a better coffee drink to suit the occasion may be presented as follows:

Vanilla Pandan White Coffee


Mint White Coffee


Chrysanthemum White Coffee


Plum Chocolate White Coffee


In the TCM world

it is widely held that less coffee is preferable, and that coffee depletes kidneys and yin energy. However, the conventional advice implies that this has more to do with climatic and constitutional factors.


Alkaline pH​

Our TCM Black / White Coffee is created and prepared with various health benefits in mind, such as special brewing processes to make it alkaline pH, which can help those who suffer from acid reflux.


Health benefits

Coffee is a warm, sweet, and bitter beverage. It stimulates elimination and has a stimulating, diuretic impact. Few TCMs are carefully picked based on human 9 prevalent bodily diseases, not only for their flavour but also for their health benefits.